Markets in everything, hedonic pricing edition parts I and II

Burger King recently introduced a Facebook app called Whopper Sacrifice that allows users to delete ten of their friends in exchange for a Whopper sandwich. Watch the app in action.

Here is much more and thanks to Alex Sheets for the pointer. It also gives you one way of implicitly valuing what Facebook is worth.  For another recent exchange, get this example, courtesy of Damon Richardson:

First-time vendor Pasang Sherpa said when the
Metropolitan Museum of Art auctioned off the sales rights to two of its
corners, he decided to pay an additional $81,701 to sell his hot dogs
near its north-side entrance, the New York Post said Wednesday.

The cost increase, which represents thousands of hot dogs in
Sherpa's world, was acceptable for the vendor despite only being 100
feet away from the site's south entrance.

"That (north) side is more busy," Sherpa said of his new sales
locale at the tourism site that more than 5 million people visit each


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