My ethnic dining guide, new edition

You'll find it here, in html version, and it has more individual revisions than ever before.  The list of my favorite places, for instance, is about half new.  The blog version of the guide you'll find here and it offers updates on a more or less real time basis, while the html version is revised once a year or so.  The html version is useful if you want to print the whole thing out.  Here's one of the new reviews:

Ray’s Hell-Burger, 1713 Wilson Blvd.,
Arlington, 703-841-0001, open for lunch
only on weekends, I believe 5 p.m. dinner on weekdays.
All they have is hamburgers and
they don’t even have a side of French fries (you can get potato chips or potato
salad). It’s the best hamburger around by an order of magnitude. Yes, it is
worth paying a $4 or $5 supplement for the specialty cheeses on the
cheeseburger. I like the Epoisses best but the Amish cheddar is first-rate for
traditionalists. The quality of the burger and the cheese here really just
stunned me. By 12:15 on a Saturday the place is already chaos but somehow it
seems to work. Order your burger at the counter and then be prepared to stand at
a table (of sorts) and eat it. Not a place to sit and chat but who needs
social pleasantries when the burger is so good?


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