Palm Springs bleg

I have a few hours there tomorrow, do you have any information about the place which can improve my life?  I thank you in advance.


You can take a cable car up to a mountain top and get a wonderful view.

There are some good Mexican restaurants.

Or you can get a pleasant New Age massage.

Cable car is an easy attraction to see, you could also try one of the indian canyons ( and depending on time and car availability there is the Salton sea.

I understand the springs there are very palmy.

Big Mama's Soul Food is pretty decent. It's in Cathedral City. Then again, you may have better access to soul food in the Washington area.

Do be sure to try any donut shop you see. They're all modestly good, but it's a true slice of Southern California life.

Joshua Tree is worth the time. You can commune with Snoopy's uncle.

There's a very good, short (less than 2 mile) loop trail not too far from the park entrance.

The cable car up to the summit also looked good, but I didn't get to do that.

@ jn:

In & Out Burger rules. The only other fast food joint that comes close is Five Guys.

My mother lives right at the border about a mile or so from the entrance of the monument. But it's a pretty long ride from Palm Springs if you have only a few hours. And the park itself is enormous -- worth driving through but better to pick a scenic spot and do some walking. The Tram in Palm Springs I think is very good, really spectacular actually as you now go around 360 while in the car to get the entire view of the mountain ahead and valley below. This is not some bush-league tram. You are going very, very high up into the now snow-covered mountains. For food and shopping, Palm Desert is now the place to be. Palm Springs is rebuilding after decades of neglect and has a 1970s exterior mall vibe in the main shopping area. In and Out burger is great for the burgers but the fries are a joke compared to Five Guys. Border-line inedible.

Joshua Tree Natl' Monument well worth the drive, if you have a whole day to spend, rent a sporty car! I don't recall any special places to eat. In & Out was good for fast food. Didn't have time for the cable car, will try it next time.

Walk around the lobby and grounds of the Parker Hotel. You will be pleased.

I like to visit Adagio art gallery and see their sw art, particularly their gormans

I went to visit my Grandparents in Palm Springs for 7 consecutive years when I was younger. I'd recommend checking out three places considering your time limitation.

1. Go to the Cabazon Dinosaur Park. You may recognize this park from the movie Wizard ( It's off highway 10 on route to San Bernadino. They have a life size t-rex and other various epic dinosaurs. Very surprised no one mentioned this.

2. Check out the Mariott in Palm Desert ( It's one of the best Mariotts in the world and has a river that actually runs into the hotel. They have a really good japanese and seafood restaurant there - I've been to both.

3. Hike up a mountain. Seriously. There are lots of trails and you'll get a cool birds eye view of the entire area. I used to do this a lot as a kid. It's cool seeing the entire desert and all the windmills.

Hope that helps.

I posted a bunch of reviews of Palm Springs restaurants and the like on my blog:

I enjoy staying at the Pepper Tree Inn:

We also really enjoyed Pommes Frite:

Check out the Painted Desert if you like nature hikes. It is probably the best thing Palm Springs has to offer, other than the architecture. The food scene is extremely bleak.

I spent 4 days in Palm Springs in November and the culinary highlight was the In-N-Out Burger by the airport. Get a Double-Double and order of fries Animal Style.

Stay away from the Mexican restaurants that sell 60 oz Margaritas.

Damn. Living Desert is what I meant. Not painted. Really the best thing to do there.

Definitely check out the living desert. And, it's kind of fun to drop by the date farms and get a date smoothie, if you like that sort of thing.

If you want to see hell on earth, visit the Salton Sea. It has to be one of the most depressing places I've seen.

Oddly enough, favorite restaurant there is Manhattan in the Desert, which is the nicest deli I know.

I think the entire Palm Springs is great and it is worth to go and walk around.You can see many museums and great pieces of architecture.Thw windmills are beautiful too.Accommodation Crete

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