Where is the geographic center of Johnny Cash’s moral and musical universe?

I was listening to the new and excellent Vince Mira CD of Johnny Cash covers (some of them in an elegant Spanish), when Yana asked me to explain Johnny Cash to her.  "Does he sing about the South?" was a tough question to answer.  I place the center of his moral and musical universe somewhere between Little Rock, Arkansas and Oklahoma City.  (How about Fort Smith?)  That locale rules out neither trains nor cattle.  That allows him to straddle the South, West, Midwest, and Texas, while retaining the option of a rail connection to the North.  The town even has a prison.  (For the underinformed, here is a list of Johnny Cash songs.)  Is there a more appropriate center?

Addendum: I now discover that Vince is only fifteen years old!

Here is Vince performing "That’s All Right"; phenomenal.  Here is the overall YouTube listing.


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