Assorted links

1. Professor retakes the GRE.

2. Search theory, Canadian style.

3. Stimulus for bloggers; there are many good reasons for doing this.

4. Does Godzilla motivate terrorists?

5. Is New Orleans finally recovering?


New Orleans may be "recovering", but is that a good thing?

Its still several feet below sea level and in harm's way.

Professor retakes GRE and scores in 99th percentile. Sounds like the GRE is pretty valid.

An English professor who maybe needs to take a statistics course: the individual questions may feel arbitrary, but in the aggregate the test is still significant. Evidence: 99th percentile. ding-a-ling.

Did you guys read the "professor does the GRE" article carefully?

He did well on it, only to dismiss it as completely irrelevant. Sort of like Picasso deciding one day to dash off a realistic portrait from his early period just to prove he still can, even though he does nothing but groovy cubistic stuff anymore.

This professor complains that the test is flawed because it contains hardly any "literary theory" questions. He makes it clear he would want more.

I confess I would have a hard time distinguishing the example "parody" question from the "real thing". This is "what color is the sky on your planet?" stuff. I hate to dismiss any field of intellectual endeavor as entirely without value, but... let's go there. Some people in ivory towers have their heads stuck so far up their ass that they're gazing at their navels from the inside.

Are there still huge amounts of federal dollars going to New Orleans' recovery? If so, isn't #5 the textbook definition of the Broken Window Fallacy?

What am I missing here?

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