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All those arctic unicorns you see there are dead by now thanks to poaching.

trick yoy child
It can backfire, my wife and me asked the Dr in front of our 3 yo daughter how to make her eay more. The Dr said dont worry , she can it what she want and she know how much to eat. Know every time she dont want to eat , se days "dr P.. said...

Hmmm....talking about how to trick 3 year olds will just make the public misunderstand economists even more. :)

I have a three-year old and found the article interesting. I too find that framing a question differently can produce better results. If a certain behavior is both annoying and potentially harmful, then emphasize the harm aspect. However, those techniques that verge into outright lying make me very uncomfortable, even with my young son.

I think many parents are uncomfortable with their children crying under any circumstances. Having many younger siblings, I long ago became inured to crying, especially when it's used a form of manipulation. If my son needs to change his behavior, and he won't accept a reasonable explanation, then a time-out or simply removing him from the offending situation seem to work fine, albeit with a few tears that pass quickly. I think understanding that he won't always get his way improve his behavior in the long run, also.

The hard part for me is separating the areas where a child should be allowed to say no. Safety, bathtimes, and polite behavior in public are not negotiable. Certain other areas I let him have more control.

I remember something ... my father saying "Don't do that" ... me doing ... a wack on the face ... and the feeling of doing it again gone...

That Congleton article was worthless. Even the conclusions were vapid.

That "how to trick your 3 year old" article reads like a TSA instruction manual or the 2001-2009 Republican Party platform.

No mention of credit default swaps in the paper. This is a major component of the financial crisis. Why isn't it mentioned?

Are narwhal skeptical about the existence of tuskless whales?

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