Battle of the Barbecues, Kansas City

The Kaufmann Foundation brought together many bloggers and many servings of Kansas City barbecue.  (Isn't America a great country?  I met Mark Thoma for the first time and tomorrow we talk about blogging and the future of the world.)  Then we voted, using Borda Point Count.  Tim Kane tells me:

Oklahoma Joe's
wins handily.  Arthur Bryant's loses handily.  Others are close. 
(Hmmm … looks like a normal).


Yes, but what did you like?

...but it's hardly a real contest without Salt Lick, near Austin, and no brisket ATALL, is it? ;-)

i stand by my jan. 20 comments.

"calvin trillin is never wrong: arthur bryant's is the best, but has such a unique taste that many people from outside the area do not like it."

to be enjoyed, bryant's should be eaten in store at 1727 brooklyn and with a boulevard beer. the sauce is gritty, like someone mistakenly dropped a packet of taco seasoning in a vinegar and tomato paste. it's delicious, but truly an acquired taste.

Bryant's versus Oklahoma Joe's, but what about Rosedale?

I totally spaced on Rosedale BBQ, and the pulled pork and the hush puppies (corn inside) are astonishing!

Next time Tyler. Then Snead's. Then Winstead's. Onion burger. Don't forget. Limeade. Vanilla shake.

I second that regarding the Big Green Egg. I got one and never looked back. I hope you had the burnt ends at Arthur Bryant's.

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