Jessica Crispin reads

I am a very keen and regular reader of Bookslut and here is Jessica Crispin:

I have been happily reading Timothy Clack's Ancestral Roots: Modern Living and Human Evolution,
although it covers so many areas I occasionally wish some things had
been expanded. Like the monkeys who went on hunger strike until all
monkeys were receiving grapes. Or the evolutionary explanation for
"beer goggles." Although my favorite part was when he mentioned a study
where women "politely" asked men for no strings attached sex and they
counted how many agreed. (Less than you would think.) So many
questions! Were the results different if they "belligerently demanded"
casual sex? Did they go through with the sex, or did they just say,
"Okay, just wanted to know if you were interested. I'm going home now."
Because that seems mean. I need to find the original study.

The link is here, but that is all there is.


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