Markets in everything

Pork brains in milk gravy (canned).

I thank Yves Smith for the pointer.  Yves also points us to a rare cheetah captured on camera.


Can you get pork brains in water? For those watching the fat in their diet.

Glad to hear that you're having fun in KC. I assume that you still want to relevant, however. Please comment on BHO's budget for this FY and FY2010 and the projections for the following three years. I hope you comment on both the macro (deficit and its financing) and micro (composition of income and expenditure) consequences of the new fiscal policy.

I would like to have a taste of that.

I thought this was a hoax at first. I did a search of the Armour Food Products website and the product does not appear there. And I cannot find any companies which produce this. But lots of commentors (like Zac- see above) who say they've seen it. Who makes this stuff? And how are you supposed to prepare it?

On the other hand, I have seen pig's blood in my favorite Asian food store here in Chinatown-Los Angeles.

Yuck. Please don't think southerners are responsible for all the brain eating, though head cheese is still sold in some supermarkets hereabouts.

Gravy, now yes, we southerners would like to take credit for that. But really, it's a different part of the pig that makes the best gravy.

My favorite comment on this is (from an Althouse commenter, I think) about how this must be Congress' favorite food.

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