Markets in everything, New Orleans edition


I thank the insightful Skitzo for the pointer.


Looks like a trend - Ryanair is pondering a loo charge on flights - see

Given that it is New Orleans, where the art of ripping off tourists has reached an art form found nowhere else in the U.S. (I hear tell people still fall for "I bet I know where you got your shoes"), I'll bet it's a lie.


that was taken just across from my house... indeed it was during mardi gras, when bathrooms (clean or otherwise) are in tight supply. finding bushes risks the police finding you, and stories of arrest and fines for such behavior during that week are legion. With an influx of (I believe) around a million people, this is understandable. The was not the only toilet selling operation going on during the last couple of weeks, I can assure you.

Opening up your church to rent the restrooms is not much different from opening up your parking lot to rent the parking spaces

Because of course churches see themselves as profit-maximizing organizations, just like commercial parking lot companies.

The business of charging for toilets in Russia dates back to the communist era.
I have long found it to be one of those unexplained phenomena of economics that
one finds paying for toilets commonplace in more socialist countries, whereas
it is in the capitalistic USA that we view free toilets as a right.

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