Markets in everything, club good edition

Matt S. points me to the following:

Matthew and Michelle Reed, along with their
2-year-old son and newborn baby boy, are the first of what could be a
stream of people to move to Dothan [Alabama] under a program that offers Jewish
families as much as $50,000 to relocate and get involved with the
city's only synagogue, Temple Emanu-El.

family that's been part of the reform congregation for decades funded
the $1 million resettlement program and launched it last year, fearing
the congregation would dwindle and die without an infusion of new blood.


reform congregation ....

would dwindle and die

Unsolvable problem, right there.

Reform Judaism like nonalcoholic beer, only looks like the genuine thing.

I wish somebody paid me to be Mormon.

Richard: "club good" is standard economic jargon (see

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