The countercyclical asset, northern Virginia edition

It is Little Seoul, mostly in Annandale, spilling over into West Alexandria.  The number of innovative Korean restaurants continues to increase and they are usually crowded.  I love the new place devoted to the many forms of Korean porridge. Seoul Gool Dae Gee Honey Pig on Columbia Pike has the best decor (and the pork neck) around.  TodamSoonDooBoo (also known as Tofu House, next to the Giant, straddling 236 and Columbia Pike) has dumpling soup and tofu.  The two branches of Shilla Bakery and Le Matin de Paris give Virginia a cafe scene.  Much of my eating out is now Korean or in the new Vietnamese places in the Western Saigon interior branch of the Eden Center; either that or Ray's Hell-Burger, Hong Kong Palace, Thai X-ing, or the now-reopened Nava Thai, right next door to the shuttered old branch. 

Annandale used to be a nice appendage to the peak places to eat.  Now it's the epicenter, the main culinary show, and also the coolest place to hang out.

Addendum: Here is a good article, which mentions Korean food as the next trend to come.  Let's hope not.


I think Korean food will work better in fusion? I struggled a great deal with the innumerable Korean places in Sydney, but the Korean food in Japan was a revelation. I assume this is because the latter compromised to suit the tastes of a bland-food loving country (ok, subtle taste loving). The former, made predominately for Korean Australians, tended to overplay a more limited number of culinary notes. Probably the inevitable fusion will improve it. I would argue that for all national cuisine though..

Whereas Vietnamese is invariably good, even when cooking Emu.

Having so many Korean places so nearby is one nice thing about living in Northern Virginia. Han Sung Oak is the one we go to most frequently, followed by Ju Mak Jib. I owe Tyler some thanks for reviewing the later in his guide.

I am planning to change my hairdresser from a Frenchman in DC to a Korean woman next door to the porridge place.

Can anyone tell me were Nava Thai is?

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