Assorted links

1. Malaria and African economic development, via Chris Masse.

2. Lengthy profile of Larry Summers, from TNR, interesting and has new material.

3. Via Chug, markets in everything: topless coffee shop in Maine.  And, via Matt, a topless doughnut shop, same state.

4. Update on Massachusetts health care; interesting throughout.  Can they really do away with fee for service?  ""Really controlling costs requires just stopping spending,” said Stuart H. Altman, a professor of health policy at Brandeis University."  The Obama administration would be wise to keep those words in mind.


"Really controlling costs requires just stopping spending.† No, it does not.

That's preventing spending.

Controlling health care spending would mean actually, honestly, fully allowing 'control' of it to those who receive the care.

I control the spending on my heating, my investments, my groceries, my eye care, my car, etc. every day. I do not control my spending on my taxes or my health care. Those are set outside of my control.

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"...all of which he's exploring in subatomic detail." That, I suppose, is the breathless shite school of American journalism.

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thank you for introducing some academic work on development.

recognizing causes of underdevelopment is one thing. acheiving proper policy is another. and i imagine it is difficult now more than ever to gives this consideration, as nations must prioritize themselves before others.

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This is interesting, and you can bet that regulators in Maryland are watching this closely. Being the only Medicare Waiver State, Maryland is would have a better chance of getting this done.

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