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Did you see that Ann Althouse recently became engaged to one of her long time commenters? Surely a first in the annals of blogging.

Your link on #1 is broken

was there anyone who was killed in both atomic bombs?

"How many of these charities are really just party-generators for rich people anyways?"

Parties are productive, government spending isn't, so...seems sort of moot.

"Parties are productive, government spending isn't"

What about a party to celebrate Ayn Rand's rotting corpse?

As a member of the board of AIG Financial Products, Feldstein was one of those who had oversight of the division of the international insurer that contributed to the company's crisis

Leaving income effects aside, making 28% the top tax bracket would have the same effect on charitable giving as Obama's plan. Since that wouldn't make me oppose making 28% the top bracket, maybe it shouldn't make me oppose Obama's plan. (Or is the income effect bigger than I think?)

Well, if giving a rich guy only 28% for his $100 charitable gift to NPR, what of the retiree who gives $100 and gets to deduct only 10%?

A [refundable] tax credit of 40% for chariable gifts would promote giving equall among the rich and poor.

Perhaps a decrease in charitable giving is not a bug but a feature. In some ways government services compete with charity. So assuming less donations means less charitable services, less charitable donations means more people will demand services from the government. And the government gets more taxes. Score two for the big G. I thought I read something to this effect on this blog, but I cannot find the post.

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