My with Peter Singer

Find it here.  Not at all like my Bloggingheads with Robin ("but which Tyler will show up?"). 

There were two tough questions I didn't get to pose him but I had time for most of the rest.

The listed topics don't quite give the sense of it:

Acting Now To End World Poverty

Peter’s new book, “The Life You Can Save” (03:08)

What is the most effective way to end poverty? (06:45)

Genetically reprogramming humans to be more generous (05:35)

What charities does Peter give to? (06:27)

Advice for a young utilitarian (04:49)

How to achieve a higher happiness (03:17)

Read the comments on the site to get the flavor of the dialogue.  Recommended viewing, definitely, and I don't just say that because of the participants.

Addendum: Buy Peter's book here.


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