Three TED Talks

My TED talk isn't up yet but three of my favorites are:

  • Pattie Maes from MIT demonstrated some very cool technology.  Check it out – you will want it. 
  • Eric Lewis knows how to pound the piano – he is going to be big.      
  • Aimee Mullins gave a good talk.  Not super-exciting per se but notable in so clearly marking the point at which post-humanity has begun.  (Note how misdirected her heartfelt conclusion is.)


I have seen two of your favourites and like both well enough.

Aubrey De Gray's talk on ending aging is way cooler.

Not Juan Enriquez?

Aubrey De Gray's talk on ending aging is way cooler.

Yeah if you prefer science fiction / fantasy to reality. . .

Re: Patty and Pranauv - really cool ... yet there are people who would wish us to tighten our immigration standards. Just think of all of the American jobs these two are stealing ...

Yeah, because people who want to tighten our immigration standards are focused, laser-like on keeping PhD students and college professors out.

Give me a break.

Aimee says "It's our humanity that makes us beautiful".

Actually, some of us aren't beautiful.

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