Assorted links

1. Posner reviews Akerlof and Shiller.

2. Review essay on macroeconometrics.

3. La Sirene: I can't wait to go see it.

4. The economics of URL shortening.

5. After Gaza, by Michael Walzer.  He understands nested games, at least implicitly.


I thought I would add this. It keeps track of predictions of the future, who said them, and their status. I think you would like it.

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The 2-state solution could fail spectacularly: Hamas or Syria takes over the new Palestinian State and gathers foreign aid from some places and military aid from others. Then they find or create a provocation on the border and launch a new, bigger war. Tens of thousands of people could die. Maybe more.

And the one-state solution isn't a solution at all; It's just a threat to push along the 2-state solution.

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