China book fact countercyclical asset of the day

The People’s Press – the biggest publishing
house for China’s orthodox revolutionary books – reports that Marx’s
anti-capitalism opus "Das Kapital" has been selling about 4,000-5,000
copies nationwide a month since last November. That’s a big jump from
before the economic crisis, when the book sold well under 1,000 copies
per month on average.

The "Selected Works by Mao Zedong," a book
owned by almost every Chinese citizen a few decades ago, is also
witnessing a big jump in sales since late last year, according to Mr.
Pan from the People’s Press circulation department.

Here is the full story and I thank Ryan Tetrick for the pointer.


still very small comparatively....

4 or 5 copies a month?

so in the U.S. sales of Atlas Shrugged shoot up as a result of the crisis, and in China sales of Das Kapital increase for the same reason.

There may be hope for us yet :-)

And that means that the number of people actually reading Das Kapital has gone from 1 to 4 or 5.

God knows, I tried to read it. It redefines impenetrable, it makes Ulysses seem like a lucid little novella.

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