eBooks help the romance novel

At Fictionwise, the e-book seller recently acquired by Barnes &
Noble, about 50 percent of sales are romance books, said Steve
Pendergrast, chief technology officer. “Romance readers tend to be
voracious readers,” Mr. Pendergrast said. “The ability to instantly
download and start reading is potentially more important to that
audience than any other audience.”

…Many readers are still buying. “I would give up something else if money
was tight,” said Annmarie Anderson, a district manager in Atlanta for a
national retail chain, who said she still spent about $100 on romance
novels each month. “I would give up my manicure and pedicure. I have my
priority list, and books are pretty high on my priority list.”

The story is interesting throughout.  Is it because eBooks are impulse, I-want-it-right-now buys?  Or does the eBook-owning demographic have a special attachment to romance?  Are romance books somehow better in the eBook format?


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