The new Facebook design as profit maximization?

Via Finoculous, here is a very interesting post on why you hate Facebook, yet why it will make the company billions.  It is not written for an easy excerpt but the main argument is that finally the company can produce a commercially viable interface between businesses and people.  Here is one part:

When Zuckerberg announced these changes a couple of weeks ago I told
him he was brilliant and that his moves this month would be remembered
for decades. Decades.

Here’s why:

Let’s say you’re walking down University Ave. in Palo Alto,
California in a couple of years (or, really, any street in the world)
and you’re hungry.

You pull out your iPhone or Palm Pre or Android or Blackberry or
Windows Mobile doohickey and click open the Facebook application. Then
you type “sushi near me.”

It answers back “within walking distance are two sushi restaurants that more than 20 of your friends have liked.”

In his view the new Facebook is basically copying Friendfeed, albeit in a more potent way.  If you announce you are having a baby, you will be contacted by product suppliers and you will learn which baby-related services your friends have liked.

I still don't like it. 


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