Shoe Fetish

Zappos maps shoe sales, with shoe pictures, online in real time.  Check it out.  For some reason, I think this is awesome but I couldn't tell you why.

Hat top to Flowing Data.


The intervals are way too regular (~5 seconds-ish), so this couldn't be "real time" in an actual sense unless there is actually a bottleneck process that prevents completion of more than one order per 5 seconds. But it is still cool.

I was most surprised by the choices being made...perhaps ugly
shoes are on sale today?

I so wish Amazon did something like this with book sales.

The location is probably taken from the zip code only and not the whole address.

Zappos uses autonomous robots to move stock in their warehouse:

It is awesome living in the future.

I'd guess it's a way to induce you to buy a shoe and see if it turns up.

Kevin -- Thanks for the link to the robot video. That is awesome!

Sometimes you have to import flour before you can consume bread. Just saying.

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