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I would say, that there is a growing misunderstanding between what is really at stake in evacuating settlements. No Israeli will support Palestinian army/police/militias next to his or her house in Kfar Sava. No Israeli will support giving up concrete assets (territory, security) for a piece of paper signed by Palestinians.
What are Israelis to get? Kassams on Raanana?
If Obama is serious, he needs to make concrete offers: NATO membership? EU membership? US forces in the west bank?

From the #2 link: "Self-made men are mostly not made in the bedroom; their glory shows more in their income than in their subgroup identity.

Reminds me of my old liberal professor's quip: The first rule of Finance is to marry the CEO's daughter.

You haven't had pizza until you have had New Haven pizza. It is the signature local cuisine.

Nice to see that Detroit style pizza is acknowledged as a bona fide contender to Chicago/New York/whatever style pizza. Uncle Andy's edges out Buddy's though.

That pizza article is very well written. Can't speak to its accuracy though

I hear that the pizza article is well written. I just wish I knew if it was accurate....

Libertarians generally want to smoke pot and don't want to pay taxes. But it's easy to smoke pot in your garage, and hard to dodge taxes. So in practical politics, they generally line up with conservatives.

Moreover, people on the left who don't like government tend to call themselves anarchists or Marxists (remember the state will wither away after the revolution) rather than libertarians. Their dream is that after government is removed society will be composed of cosy carbon-neutral cooperatives; the libertarian dream is that it will be composed of homesteading families and independent small businesses.

Seems to me more likely that large corporations, the mafia, large gangs, religious cults etc would expand into the power vacuum; but they're all very confident that won't happen.

Seems to me more likely that large corporations, the mafia, large gangs, religious cults etc would expand into the power vacuum

So a libertarian society would be pretty much like society right now then (where large corporations, the mafia, large gangs, religious cults run things), except without the drug war or the taxation? Here is a piece of advice, if you want to paint libertarian ideology as foolish, don't paint a worst case scenario that is slightly more pleasant than our current situation!

Libertarians are often closer to conservatives because the American use of "liberal" is daft.

1967 borders? How many USA $$$ can Obama promise Isreal to get this? What USA party will push this price tag ? The future is a diaspora of liberal/secular Israelis to Europe/USA .I find that this group understands the situation and most Americans never hear their voice. Isreal does not have an end game because of their early and midgame boxed them . I believe a test of Congresspersons (voters get what they deserve ) on their knowledge of the middle east would tell us what we already know about their understanding of the area. If we look at resources such as water , the area will not support the population anyway and Jordanian aquifers are a time bomb that will spread.

reply to slocum:

So your argument is if we have smaller government and larger corporations we will be freer and the corporations will have less power?

Or is it if we have smaller government then corporations will be smaller as well and we'll be freer?

Or is it the problem with the power of huge corporations is that they're so powerful that they can coopt government and therefore we should have less government?

Ho Hum.

So what exactly is your argument?

Best pizza I ever had was at a Greek place in Detroit. Don't remember if it was Niki's. Worst pizza? A pizza I had in Italy that tasted like Chef Boyardee on Bisquick; really nice staff, though. Close to worst: every slice I have ever eaten in New York City. Guys, there's this red stuff everyone else puts on pizza which contains some of the flavor. It shouldn't be just crackers and cheese. I think NYC pizza is highly rated by the same people who think culture stops at the Hudson (because that's all they know because why would you ever leave?).

on great pizza:

Caserta's Providence RI

Italian bakery pizza

I met several people who would define themselves as libertarians, but also support mission civilisatrice against Iraqis, Iranians, Palestinians...

force those barbarians to accept freedom and real values.

Why I tend to side with conservatives:

Liberals appear utterly insatiable.

That they've been told it's famous and good, thus they are hesitant to say anything counter? In any case, their pizza, like it or not, is so different from the pizza usually served in NY/NJ that it can hardly be compared.

It's pretty good.

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