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to 5. link I'd add - has a nice summary of other views

BTW for those who wants to get NBER papers for free - open .ru email account which is eligible for free access ( it possible to open,ex either or account ( hope google translate will help to proceed with steps ) but then you have free access...

Microsoft probably considered Encarta such a minor sideline business that it didn't care too much about its profitability. At the peak in 2000, only 50 people worked on the product.

Encarta's best feature was the "mindmaze" game... nerd that I was I played that for hours and hours...

The academic critique of Austrian economics should be separated from the policy critique. Bravo Quiggin and boo on Krugman.

I'm kind of summarizing Austrian Theory now as "prices are information, but not always truth." This is almost a truism in light of the recent debacle, and critics have ramped up their demagoguery which I am sure is unrelated.

I think that having an encyclopedia with fun games at home it much better than always having to jump on the internet all the time to find out everything, even the local news. Encyclopedias were not meant to give information on everything. It amounts to spending more time on the internet,using more passwords and of course these services wont be free for long. I am now stuck with an old copy of Encarte with the mind maze game that wont copy in the new computer. I would like to know where to download this game as I have had little luck finding out. I think completely phasing out Encarta and the good games is a cop-out. I have sinced bought a Britannica encyclopedia as I find it handy. Regards J.R

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