Markets in everything

Kyle S., a loyal MR reader, sends along the following:

See attached image of a Google ad I saw today. The text reads:

"TweepMe – Get Followers – – Get 4,000 Twitter followers for $13 Simply sign up and we do the rest."


still....can't...see...the...point...AARGH, IT'S TOO MUCH, TWITTER WILL KILL ME!

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That might actually be a good idea if:

a) You were actually trying to sell something with your Twitter, and

b) The alleged 4,000 followers are real people, who already use twitter.

Maybe the service could automatically subscribe people without their consent to your feed, or something. I don't know.

Of course, the vast majority would then unsubscribe as soon as they noticed your feed, and someone would start offering a twitter clone that didn't allow these kinds of shenanigans.

So, never mind. It would always be a dumb idea.

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For the love of god, DON'T SIGN UP.

After that it doesn't let you quit. And you keep getting meaningless tweets from people you don't particularly want to see.

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