Markets in everything

Here is one tidbit of several:

PET PORTE On those TV programs showing funny home videos, there’s
always a family finding a dog or raccoon stuck in their cat door. The
Pet Porte, $156 ( uses the radio frequency from the
microchip already embedded in your cat (or small dog) to ensure that
furry crashers stay out. The clear, plastic door remains locked until a
sensor reads your pet’s microchip.
Pet Porte works only with European microchips; this autumn, the company will release a door that can read U.S. chips. Light sensors allow you to program the door to lock after certain hours so your kitty doesn’t go out for a nightcap.

And if you like to process information about canines, here is a new source of input:

Ever wonder if your dog walker is really giving your pup a workout? The
Snif Tag, $299 (, is the equivalent of the baby cam for
neurotic dog owners. A small tag attached to the collar uses a
three-axis accelerometer and motion sensor software to determine what
your dog is doing – walking, running, sleeping–and records the
information within the tag’s flash drive. Back at your pad, where Snif
Tag’s base station connects by Ethernet cable to your home network, all
the information is uploaded to a Web site. The site breaks down your
pooch’s activity by minute, hour, day, week, and month, and lets you
determine, by breed and age, whether or not your dog is getting enough
exercise. The tag also features a social component: When your canine
companion has interacted with another Snif Tag wearer, you can contact
the owner of your pup’s new B.F.F. to set another play date. One
problem: Finding enough owners who are willing to buy the device.

There is also:

JOG-A-DOG The easiest way to deal with destructive behavior is with
exercise, but occasionally it’s not realistic to toss the ball with
your pup (long work hours, snowstorms, laziness). Doesn’t mean you
can’t wear your dog out. Joga- Dog, $1,195 and up ( is a
treadmill designed with canines in mind. Side guardrails ensure your
dog doesn’t escape his workout, and an 11- degree incline is said to
provide the resistance needed to build strength and muscle. But like
with human treadmills, the Jog-a-Dog is no substitute for the stimuli
of the great outdoors.


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