Why is it so hard to hug?

Gretchen Rubin reports:

After I looked at my list, however, I realized that I’d never made a
specific resolution to “Kiss more, hug more, touch more.” So I’ve added
that to my ever-growing list of resolutions.

This is intriguing, precisely because it strikes a chord with so many people.  Why exactly do so many people need a "nudge" to hug more?  There is evidence that hugging is both fun and good for us.  What is it about hugging that is so often resisted?

Oddly, many people wish to be hugged by Florence Henderson.

I am reminded of my old post on why people don't have more sex with each other than they do.  Fortunately, I have solved this problem and if you keep on reading MR for enough years you will learn my answer.


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