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I've calculated it before: if the higher estimates of rape in South Africa are correct, it comes out to more than one rape per woman over a lifetime.

Samuelson: "The governor of the Bank of England seems to have forgotten or not known that there was no bank insurance in England..". Perhaps accuracy is too much to ask for from a 94 year old.

"Hey we can use math for this money stuff" or Krugman's "trade really does work." Surfers often think they made the wave.

I can well believe that Samuelson was a pompous ass and a horrible teacher. He was a second rate economist compared to Mises and Hayek. Indeed, I would call him a hackonomist.
Philip Mirowski deconstructs him in his book "More Heat than Light." See chap. 7, "The Ironies of Physics Envy."

I'm still waiting for Walt to come out with more classic cartoons or Sonny to get back with Cher. The Mickey Mouse and Sonny Bono protection acts just haven't incentivized them to product any new works.

I hate it how these file-sharer addicts try to find "evidence" that copyright should be abolished so that they can feel even better about file-sharing. I think there is a reason why copyright was introduced. Probably not a coincidence that it started to appear soon after copying texts became relatively cheap due to the book press.

From the comments after the Samuelson interview:

In 1989, he delivered this chestnut: "The Soviet economy is proof that ... a socialist command economy can function and even thrive."

What I don't get is why Samuelson then (and Krugman now) are considered to be great economists, when they so manifestly are not.

*Increasing rate


There is no more justification on economic grounds today than there was either before the invention of the printing press, or the creation of the Stationers' Company, or the Statute of Anne, which was the first copyright law. Creators of books, music, art, etc. can earn competitive rents (or profits) without having their works copyrighted. And contrary to another urban legend, which he himself promoted, Charles Dickens was paid royalties by three American authors, despite the inapplicability of U.S. copyright law to the works of foreign authors at that time.
A first mover advantage is enough to earn profits on creative works, particularly combined with alternative distribution mechanisms, such as authors' book tours, new introductions to later editions of books, musicians' concerts, etc.
Check out Michelle Boldrin's and David J. Levine's recent book "Against Intellectual Monopoly," which refutes the case for copyright, in addition to other forms of the monopoly formerly known as intellectual property.

Homer didn't produce any writings.

The Illiad and The Odyssey.

Homer did not write the Iliad and the Odyssey. There is even a question on whether a single Homer existed or if he was a composite of many storytellers. The Iliad and Odyssey were handed down by Homer, but he or his composite did not write it down. Only many decades later were the actual stories written down.

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