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Eddie Murphy, oy. Some of his RottenTomatoes ratings are atrocious, which is why I won't see many of his movies (I respect RT's numbers but am not a total purist).

For example:

The Adventures of Pluto Nash - 6%
Norbit - 9%
Meet Dave - 19%

The movies where he has rated well were either 1) animated, 2) old, or 3) good, but not because of Eddie Murphy.

1) He is well known.
2) He is black and the studios try to capture the black market.
3) He once made some decent movies.
4) Studios don't understand funny AT ALL.

a student,
The NY Fed timelines do have links to press releases, news stories, and data -- just click on any of the events.

"Why teenagers read better than you" is a question suggesting, in this context, a studied answer and not blog post musings.

Other than the Shrek movies, has Murphy appeared (actual or voice) in anything really good since Trading Places or 48 Hrs? Bowfinger was pretty funny, but I am not sure I would call it a good movie.

Young adult books are not read exclusively by young people. For example, the "Harry Potter" books are marketed as young adult, but I would bet at least half of its readers are adults. It seems silly to conclude that teenagers read more intensely because young adult books sell the best. This article lacks data to make any meaningful conclusion.

I doubt teenagers are better at reading after you control for parenting small children + working full time. Single 20 and 30 somethings are more likely to be better readers.

The vast majority of movie ideas have either failed before or are remakes. No one makes any of them without believing that they can succeed where others have failed.

Who should star in a biopic of Richard Pryor?

Why do they keep making Jack Black movies? Why do they keep making Adam Sandler movies? Yes, it makes no sense.

Why do they keep making Jack Black movies? Why do they keep making Adam Sandler movies? Yes, it makes no sense
Sandler's last comedic movie that didn't make over $100 million (yes, "you don't mess with the zohan" somehow made $100 mil) was Little Nicky, back in 2000. I can guess why they keep letting him make movies.

Why teenagers read better than you.

From the linked post:

"Cynics might say his publishers encouraged him as young adult books are so profitable, but, 'if it were a mercinary decision,' Mieville explained, he’d just write ten more Bas Lag sequels."

Wonder what he'd do "if it were a mercenary decision"?



cz teenagers is smarter?

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