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no mention in the racial integration article about MTV?

The stimulus is not stimulating because only about 5% of it has been
spent so far. Duh. Sure, the Obama people made overly optimistic
forecasts about unemployment, but I do not remember them saying that
the economy would actually turn around and start growing prior to
about the end of the summer, and by most accounts it has come near
to halting its decline, although unemployment will probably increase
for some time, well-known lagging indicator that it is.

This is news or even interesting other than to highlight that the
Obama team was engaging in some overly optimistic hype?

Yes, the farm lobby gets more on ethanol subsidies and all in Waxman-Markey.

But the real cave to farmers was on the cow gas issue.

The methane that comes pouring out of both ends of cows is 20 times more potent as a greenhouse gas than CO2 -- and quite significant in total.

But of course farmers get a free pass on that. As factory workers and urban dwellers pay the price of fighting global warming, farmers and their cows remain free to cook the world.

Is there any group left that hasn't been bought off by this bill? Other than consumers?

I cannot imagine why Jackson was not widely hated by most blacks. He spent years and years making himself look less black.

I like to think of the States as Canada's Mexico.

We may soon have tissue engineered meat.

Relative, to what? 100 years for significant warming?

An app to manage a single girlfriend sounds more generally useful and less douchebaggy (douchebagish?).

I submit to anyone fooled by that app's claim that you can use it to "show off your long list of girls", that not only is nobody likely to fall for it, but anyone that does, you shouldn't want to impress.

Allowing Canadian students as "locals" at community colleges is such a natural I wonder that I'd never heard the idea before. Certainly, say, Sarnia (Ontario) is closer to Port Huron (Michigan) than most of the other towns in PH's county. And we always had at least a few Canadian musicians in the community college's symphonic band. (Though I assume that (like me, usually) they were not registered students.)

The stimulus is not stimulating because it was not meant to. It's really a wish list of social programs the progressives wished to carry out.

The repeating of the quote 'never let a crisis go to waste' is so often trotted out that it has lost its shock value.

This stimulus package is the epitome of the quote, and we all should be shocked by it.

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