*Create Your Own Economy*, standing on one foot

A number of readers have asked me for a "one-sentence" review of my book to come.  I don't so much like the Amazon summary, so let me try a short enumeration instead.  The book offers:

1. A "big picture" analysis of how current economic, social, scientific, and political trends all fit together.

2. A new vision for how "autistic cognitive strengths" are a major dynamic element in human history and that includes a revisionist view of the autism spectrum.

3. New ways of thinking about what you're really good at (and not so good at).

4. A view of why education is much more than just signaling, but why you should be cynical about most education nonetheless.

5. An unapologetic defense of contemporary web culture and also social networks.  Google is making us smarter, not stupider.

6. How commerce is shaping the culture of the world to come and what I didn't see in my previous writings on this topic.  Why culture is becoming more like marriage.

7. Why the Sherlock Holmes stories are a lot more interesting than most people think.

8. What neuroeconomics should be studying and why.  Instead of just doing more brain scans, neuroeconomists should look more closely at already-understood cross-sectional variations in human neurology.

9. An account of how behavioral economics misses the importance of marketplace competition and how and why some behavioral results need to be modified as a result.

10. The importance of neurology for unpacking debates about aesthetics, especially when it comes to music.

11. A discussion of Milton Friedman's greatest tragedy.

12. A definite prediction about the long-run future of humanity.

Here is the table of contents for the book.  You can pre-order the book here.


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