Expressive complaints

There are many injustices in the world, so it is good that we have people willing to speak out against them:

Media regulator Ofcom today said it had received nearly 350 complaints about the weekend's Britain's Got Talent shows – but fewer than 20 were about the treatment of runner-up Susan Boyle, who was admitted to a private medical clinic on Sunday suffering from exhaustion.

said most of the complaints, 331, were about 10-year-old singer Hollie
Steel, who broke down in tears on Friday night's Britain's Got Talent
live semi-final.

However, only 50 were concerned for her welfare,
while 281 were complaining that she should not have been given a second
chance to sing.

The story is here.


could this be an indicator of the mindset of the type of people who contact the media regulator, instead of a show's producers/network/etc. to complain about its content? I'd imagine it's a special type of person that would contact the FCC to complain about the rules or outcome of american idol, and their complaints would probably reflect that uniqueness.

In Italy they have similar situations with the Italian government: many complaints but still somebody willing to give Berlusconi a second chance to screw it up...

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