Singapore markets in everything

…the restaurant is designed from top to bottom in a medical theme.
wheelchairs, hospital beds, operating lights, test tubes and more, the
design is completely off the wall. The interior is far more subtle than
the al fresco seating out front.

It's called The Clinic and here is more information, and photos, including information on one of its tastiest dishes.  Here is their imaginative website.  Here is a floor plan with two excellent photos.  You sit in wheelchairs and drink out of IV bags. 


I think Anthony Bourdain ate here in his Singapore episode and hated it.

I've actually had a drink there before, and I can say that it's a much nicer place than it sounds. If you're ever in Singapore you should check it out.

Also, you have no idea how fun it is to sit in wheelchairs until you play wheelchair bumperkart with your friends and get scolded by the waitress.

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