The Powerpoints of Emily Glassberg Sands

Find them here and they are excellent.  One thing we learn is that women playwrights are more likely to write stories about other women.  Women playwrights are also more likely to write plays with fewer major characters (slide 19).  Outside evaluators are most likely to perceive the story's characters are less likable, if they believe a given script was written by a woman (slide 31).  They also judge the economic prospects of a script to be poorer (slide 32).  It is female artistic directors who have the harshest judgments of scripts submitted under female names (slide 34).  Women writing plays about other women have the toughest time (slide 36).  On Broadway, female-written shows are 18 percent more profitable than male-written shows yet they do not have longer running times (slides 44 and 45).

The original paper is here.  She'll be on The Colbert Show on July 2.

Hat tip goes to the indispensable Literary Saloon blog.


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