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3. He says it correlates with identity, but there are other correlates like objective measure, straight-forwardness of improvement and reward. If I have to be kinder, that will take a lot of time, and I've actually learned to be less kind and empathetic in grad school. Robin's blog header is the nicest, though.

Isn't memory a major part of intelligence?

I'm not an economist, but I think the Swedish announcement only applies to the interest rate paid on bank reserves. Ie, they are trying to force banks to lend money instead of just keeping it locked up as reserves.

I don't imagine retail savings accounts of ordinary Swedes have started paying negative interest rates, if only because CNN is not reporting about mobs of angry Swedes wielding torches and pitchforks or runs on banks.

Why he doent use a second account with an alternative email account to receive the gift certificate? that instead of erasing his information? Does amazon doesnt recognize the ip from where the book is downloaded?

about the amazon kindle 2 hack: why not get the cheaper FoxIt eSlick and buy from a third party website?

if Amazon decides to close the loophole this guy found, they could very well yank his kindle privileges. Who wants to risk the Amazon DRM hassle? the whole marketing model of the kindle works against flexibility of use, personal digital rights, and American expatriates in general.

The economic analysis of traffic congestion that leads to the conclusion that buses should be free fails to account for the profit generated by congestion.

For example, by ten thousand cars adding one second to everyone's commute, that extra 10,000 seconds people spend in cars each week (a couple of hours) drives people to spend a lot more money on a more expensive car that isolates them from the heat/cold/cramping from small spaces/and the lack things to occupy the mind. And the extra hours of the car idling at low speed consume more gas, leading to more profit, and shorter lived cars, leading to more profit from new even larger cars in search of greater comfort. And the adoption of satelite radio and that $10 a month subscription, and better cell phones with lots of time to use them leading to the highly profitable $100 a month cell phone contracts.

Thanks to Frank Herbert for "The Tactful Saboteur" which points out the need for government to ensure that corporations never become too efficient because of the devastating impact high efficiency has on a society.

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