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Don't mean to be a jerk, but "Isaiah" is misspelled.

Classic Friedman; thanks for posting it.

Berlin was not known as the perfect soul. Oakeshott praised him as "The Paganini of the Lecture Hall." A.N. Wilson, reviewer of these letters, also supped at the tables of the Great and the Good, and tattled about it.

Why are you posting a self-promotion by YouTube about YouTube?

1: This sounds almost exactly like Premium Bonds that have been available since the 50s and possibly longer. The prizes are all cash and used to range from £50 to £1m, this has porbably changed since i last checked though.

Those wheedling California bureaucrats are acting on the advice of Berkeley economist Aaron Edlin. Edlin's argument why PAYD has to be implemented by a government mandate can only be described as sketchy. I'd elaborate, but first I have to find a California insurance company to pay me for my analysis...

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