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Fourteen bucks to stream a Berlin Phil concert? I'll consider it when Furtwängler comes back from the dead.


Your weight data needs to try and explain the difference between Kenyan and Somoan males...

I'm distrustful of this behavioral/organizational explanation of Moore's law, since the rewards are immense for not matching your competitors' speeds but for beating them, and these are intensely competitive industries. the CEO of Intel's book was titled 'Only the Paranoid Survive', not 'Only people doing just enough work to keep up with what we forecast the competition will do survive'.

In computing circles, I've usually heard Moore's law explained as a consequence of the need to design tomorrow's computers using today's computers. you also have to use today's robots, today's machine tools, today's testing platforms, etc. I would guess that the other exponentially improving technologies like disk space, bandwidth, DNA sequencers, etc. are also bound by a common set of design and construction tools. Contrary to the article's quote from Carlson, CPU's are being used not only for CAD but also to optimize reagent use, to run larger and more efficient factories, etc. In a sense, we are already in the age of 'machines designing machines' that Singularity fans look forward to -- it's all bootstrapping, using the best of Nth generation tech to deliver generation N+1.

razib: "southern whites are fatter than non-southern whites (in any case, west virigina, a fat state, has few blacks). i thought that point was obvious in the post...."

Not so obvious to me, razib. Michigan, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Indiana, Ohio, and Indiana are not southern states. The prevalence of overweight whites in those states exceeds that of the southern states Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, and Louisiana. Here's the data from your post:

State ......... % of white population overweight

Michigan ...... 61.9%
Delaware ...... 60.9%
Pennsylvania .. 61.0%
Indiana ....... 61.4%
Ohio .......... 61.1%
Kansas ........ 63.2%

South Carolina . 60.5%
Florida ........ 56.0%
Louisiana ...... 59.4%
Texas .......... 59.7%
Georgia ........ 60.0%

Statements about "southern whites" as a homogenous group are often inaccurate. What we refer to as "the South" covers a very large and diverse population. Trying to assess causality across such a diverse population seems to me an exercise in futility.

Of course, other geographic areas, such as New York City have as diverse a population as that in the South. Overweight and obese adults make up 62% of the Bronx population, but only 42% of Manhattan.

Confiscation of productive land, kidnapping of farm owners and nationalization are also part of the equation

The heart attack risks -- and thus the obesity cutoffs -- for BMI are based on white folks. They may not hold for Asian- and African-American folks.

Laura Miller on drugs

Beware, lest Laura Miller sue you for defamation.

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