Assorted links

1. The slide toward protectionism in the Great Depression, by Irwin and Eichengreen.

2. write in a collective virtual margin for your books.

3. More on Marilyn vos Savant.

4. Newsweek Q&A about Create Your Own Economy.

5. Cultural snobbery and the Kindle.

6. Time magazine on homosexuality, circa 1966.


What's with the Smollet quote in the Time article? The word 'homosexuality' isn't recorded till 1869.

Imagine! An error in a lengthy homophobic rant from 1966!

Time always was intolerably boring.

The other error in the Smollet quote is that it should be "simple fornication."

I thought the most interesting quote was:
"The homosexuality that Socrates and Plato knew rose only with the development of a slave culture and the downgrading of women to the level of uneducated domestics. This resulted in a romantic cult of the beautiful young boy—but not to the exclusion of heterosexual relations--much as the restriction of women to purdah led to a high incidence of pederasty in the Middle East, which is now abating with the growing emancipation of Moslem women."

Wrong on that prediction. Pederasty is still a cultural norm in most of the Middle East.


The material problem with that prediction probably lies in the assumption that women's suffrage in the Middle East would continue. The Iranian Revolution of '79 really shut down liberalisation in much of the Muslim world.

Time was already liberal in 1966...

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