Sum: Forty Tales from the Afterlives

Tyler blogged this earlier (of course!) but it's worth another post.  Sum is a peculiar book, it's forty stories, each a page or two in length about a possible scenario for the afterlife. Some of the stories are like Zen koans, others have the flavor of O. Henry or Jeffrey Archer's A Twist in the Tale.  Here's is one of the lighter pieces which features wry theological commentary, an astute understanding of human psychology and, as if that were not enough, an appreciation of free market economics.  It's called Great Expectations.

Hat tip to Robin Hanson who lent me the book.


The linked story is interesting. I wonder what happens to those who go to Hell rather than Heaven. ;)

Amusing tale! I think those who go to Hell would find themselves in a place very much like the Company promised them. Except (perhaps) the materials would be of shoddy workmanship. C. S. Lewis covered similar ground in The Great Divorce.

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