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Not everyone liked it when I suggested that vouchers have the potential to be "TARP for the elementary schools."  With New York and Los Angeles in some disarray, Chicago is arguably North America's "coolest" city right now; the new contemporary wing of the Art Institute is the best "new U.S. museum" in many years.  The Austrian-language dialogue in BrΓΌno is the funniest part of the movie and enough to make it, despite its flaws, a comedy classic.  I should not have told my Las Vegas cabbie (while he was driving) that the real estate market there will not recover for another twenty years.  Lotus of Siam, in Las Vegas, is one of the best Thai restaurants in the United States.  In case you had forgotten, here is how to order in a good ethnic restaurant.  I haven't arrived in Mobile yet.


Re: Lotus of Siam: their Tom Yum Soup is mind-bendingly good.

What suggests to you that Vegas real estate will take 20 years to recover?

I doubt that would work in a Japanese restaurant...

Why would it make a difference whether you tell your cabbie when he's driving, as opposed to when the trip is done or when he's stopped at a light?

Interesting you said elementary schools could be like TARP. I thought the better analogy was like Medicare. Costs in public ed are rising faster than any sector, even healthcare, iirc, and its' going to get worse. Cost containment in regular public education is beyond the realm of possibility right now. But vouchers could be like Medicare, where costs are determined by the "fake market"-- by pretending that what the public schools charge is R&C, and then paying vouchers that are only some percentage of that, etc. And then cost containment could have new needs for rationing, in the form of denying AP classes to those with less than a B+ in prior courses, or putting kids on vo-tech tracks rather than liberal arts.

Good ethnic restaurants require good ethnics. Our fastest growing group of hyphenates is Incarcerated-Americans. Unfortunately, the food is lousy.

Mobile will be inbelievably hot. Find some place with A/C and stay there - perhaps for fried, stewed, or nude oysters at Wintzell's downtown. Although I've read the best Vietnamese restaurant is on Azalea Road, so you may want to go there.

A friend of mine tried something similar in a Thai restaurant in Chicago once to impress a date. The waiter told me that he isn't really into Thai food...

So think twice before you try this at home.

mk: See Tyler's ethnic dining guide, which lists "American" with the note that "all food is ethnic food."

Lotus of Siam IS the best Thai I have ever had, including Thailand. I am Lotus of Siam and had my wedding dinner there after being married by Elvis. Just awesome. They did the ordering for me, Cowen style. Excellent. Spicy mushroom dip is revelatory.

lotus of siam is very very average!! thai titaya in austin texas will cure you.

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