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Most of the answers seem too obvious to list.  I will say only that there is more to Swedish detective fiction than Stieg Larsson (start with Henning Mankell), lingonberries are usually a good idea in a meal, "Honey Honey" is the most underrated Abba song (it didn't make Greatest Hits I), there are more excellent Bergman movies than most people think even if you don't like the stereotypical ones, Carl Milles's greatest work is in a Fairfax/Merrifield cemetary on Rt.29 in Virginia, Emanuel Swedenborg is unreadable, and the world music group Simbi really does make note-perfect copies of native Haitian musical styles.  The Cardigans are better than their reputation and Knut Wicksell's 1898 Interest and Prices still has unmined insights.  The pizza is surprisingly good.  Robert V. Eagly's book on the 18th century Swedish bullionist controversies is excellent and neglected.  Everyone should read Staffan Burenstam Linder's The Harried Leisure Class.  The country has long appreciated the merits of floating exchange rates.  Ann Margret was from Sweden too.


Martin Beck from Sjowall & Wahloo's super-brilliant procedural series. 10 books of pure crime-fiction genius.

"Money Honey"? Never heard about that one, but there is a "Honey Honey" and a "Money Money Money". Could make an interesting medley, though. :-P

Renskav in its orginal form is probably not a healthy diet (is uses heavy cream) but you can substitute with something lighter and then it is quite good.

Honey Honey (if you mean this song) made it here:
and of course to the 4 disc compilation Thank You For The Music - hardly "the most underrated".

I would also mention that the Stockholm Archipelago is an underrated holiday destination, and an underrated part of Sweden generally.

Well you have to mention Bjorn Borg and his beautiful topspin forehand and 5 consecutive Wimbleton championships. And grinding it out on the French clay until the fittest opponents were exhausted (i.e. Vilas).

I always thought Par Lagerkvist wrote very moving and powerful stories. Selma Lagerloff's " The Wonderful Adventures of Nils" is magical book for children.

Paintings by Anders Zorn and Carl Larsson. The great photographer Sven Nykvist. Garbo.

Many great Scientists---Carl von Linne to name one.

Well there are simple things like mashed potatos and hot dogs at small stands (in the winter) in Gothenburg that used to make for a delicious snack---as well as the many handmade pastry and coffee shops.

Of course ball bearings. The Noble prizes. Strindberg. Smetna spent some time in Sweden. Descartes died in Sweden.


I'm a big fan of the pancakes.

Jens Lekman!

And +1 for the Cardigans. "Life" and "Super Extra Gravity" are excellent albums throughout and "Lovefool" is one of the best disco tracks ever recorded.

My pick for an underrated ABBA song is "If It Wasn't For The Nights." Great chorus. I'm not sure you can call "Honey Honey" underrated considering it was in the Mamma Mia film.

Favorite Swedish death metal band?

The Haunted?
Amon Amarth?

I disagree with your statement: "Emanuel Swedenborg is unreadable". His most popular book, "Heaven and Hell" is very easy to understand. Some of his books, I will admit, are more difficult, but I blame the translators, not Swedenborg. You may find my book about him a good introduction to his thoughts: "There is an Answer: Living in the Post-Apocalyptic World".
Candace Frazee

... like a house in nebraska that suddenly explodes

bly was once a very good poet, and what he knew he mostly learned from transtromer, who is excellent and not very well known in the US.

If it weren't for winter, Sweden would be paradise. It's still among the closest places I've been on earth, even with the winter. Stockholm is my favorite city in the world.

And yes, the pizza is surprisingly good. Avoid the taco pizza though, at least as it was once served to me, as it will make all but the most iron of stomachs violently ill with its mixture of taco meat, jalapenos, and hollandaise (?). Seriously, I have never felt so bad in my entire life as the time I ate that.

Also, lots of quite good kebob. The beer leaves a lot to be desired though.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

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