Markets in everything but not yet?

Could digital books could produce [a] class of "pro readers" so insightful you pay to download their notes?

That's a tweet from Andrew Hazlett.


And maybe their notes might come with some sort of distinctive yellow & black motif...

No. But Cliff's Notes and that crowd could find themselves where the MSM is right now, where people giving it away for free kind-a hurts your print, pay-model.

I'd pay for that over a book. It makes all the sense for non-fiction in this tweeting youtube advertising world. I've written short summaries of books on myspace for my friends, because noone has time anymroe, but we all still want to learn. Not to mention, most books have a ton of redundant, repetitive, self-serving, self-promoting cr4p. Look at "Black Swan". Great ideas are inversely proportional to how far in the book you are, particularly since the 2nd half is a recap of his earlier book on randomness.

I didn't realize "Black Swan" had *any* great ideas. And I even read it all the way through.

Um, this already happens and has for years.

I wonder whether it would work on a subscription model. I would totally subscribe to Herb Gintis' notes.

My preference is a good diverse study group in addition to someone else's notes, pro or otherwise.

FWIW, SparkNotes are very good.

The collected William Blake book I have includes his margin notes on Swinburne, among others I think. I didn't pay much for those pages but I did pay for them.

I wish that would start. Maybe I could make a living at that. Being an unemployed Ph.D. isn't any fun.

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