*Reflections on the Revolution in Europe*

I am surprised that Christopher Caldwell's Reflections on the Revolution in Europe: Immigration, Islam and the West has not sparked more blogospheric debate (with a few exceptions).  This is an intelligent, well-reasoned argument against allowing so many Muslims into Europe.  That said, while the author does ask how many traditional Italian restaurants would have to close without immigrant labor, he doesn't pursue this chain of reasoning very far.  What would happen to the Swiss tourist sector?  Nor will he admit that, financial crisis aside, Europe has never been richer, freer, and stronger.  Interestingly, he thinks that Latino immigration to the U.S. will go just fine, in part because Latinos are Christians.  I should add that Stockholm has many more immigrants than does Sicily and which is the place in greater future trouble?  It is interesting to see how many Somali (and other) immigrant women have adopted the gait and dress and demeanor of Swedish women. 

I did, however, in Palermo have an excellent Sri Lankan-Sicilian fusion meal, namely sardines in a spicy dosa.

The bottom line: I'd like to see a list of his short positions in asset markets.


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