*This Time is Different*

The authors are Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff and the subtitle is Eight Centuries of Financial Folly.  Here is the book's home page.

This book is of course self-recommending.  By "self-recommending" I mean it is obviously worthwhile and it looks as if I have read some of the content in advance.  By self-recommending I also mean…that I haven't read it yet.  Nonetheless someone needs to recommend it, so it recommends itself.


Well, they had a major paper out that has been publicly presented in numerous places,
which is surely the core of the content. The paper is excellent, so that would suggest
that the book is probably pretty good, hopefully adding substantially to the paper.

More corn?

Sounds as if, when you composed this, you had a serious deficit or surplus of caffeine.

Is this why every century someone tries socialism, and it goes horribly wrong. Then years later it gets reinvented under a different name.

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