Assorted links

1. Profile of Robert Shiller.

2. Markets in everything: road kill toys.

3. Dynamic pricing for hockey games; why doesn't everyone do this?

4. Five questions for Doug Irwin.

5. The historical roots of the financial crisis, by Arnold Kling.

6. What if yesterday's books were retitled today?  Two of my favorites were:

Then: Declaration of Independence
Now: The Pursuit of Happiness: How to get control of your continent and have fun doing it!

And this:

Then: Quotations from Chairman Mao (or "the Little Red Book")
Now: You're Telling Me Comrade! Hilarious but helpful sayings from China's Best Selling Author


Having read "The Little Red Book" I can say that "hilarous" is not an apt description; boring is the adjective I would use.

And of course Mao and his followers didn't even live up to much of what the book claims to be its program.

It was neither just nor sensitive to literary
values but an older colleague described
Samuel Richardson's "Clarissa," in which a
young woman who deeply believes in pre-
marital virginity loses it to a predatory man,
as "The Tale of a Protracted Rape." The mocking
title may have appealed to undergraduates not
eager to plough through a thousand pages.

This is the best retitling:
Then: The Prince
Now: The Prince (Foreword by Oprah Winfrey)

Am I the only one who finds the current fashion in book names distasteful?..

Here's another highlight from the original that I enjoyed:
Then: Dante's Inferno
Now: Chicken soup for the damned

For many NHL teams, not Toronto or Montreal, one of the problems is how to rent out sold by not occupied seats at the beginning of the game.

The basic problem is that you don't want, to use Al Roth's helpful term, the market for the premium seats to unravel with everyone buying a cheaper seat.

For those who love to bash the government run post office, I give you this ad from FedEx
A snippet:
United Parcel Service – the 100-year-old company that operated for decades as a parcel-delivery monopoly – is quietly seeking a Congressional bailout designed to limit competition for overnight deliveries, leaving Americans with a less reliable next-day delivery network for critical goods like medicines and essential inventory.

This is a bailout, plain and simple, and the American people won't stand for it.

The fact that many games are sold out and that season ticket holders occupy most seats proves how sorely this is needed in the NFL.

I don't follow. NFL teams have no need to discount any of the few non-season-ticket seats because the seats are pretty much guaranteed to sell out at full price. There may be a few exceptions, I've heard that the Jaguars sometimes have a few seats available right up to game time, but by and large the NFL plays at 100% capacity.

Regarding the interview by Leonhardt with Shiller, it states that the housing bubble peaked in 2005.
Wrong. It was somewhere between mid-2006 and early 2007, depending on which index one wants to look at.

Then: King Lear
Now: It's Your Turn Sister: The Feminist's Guide to Ending the Patriarchy.

Then: Oblomov
Now:Fat Lazy Basterd

Then: Lord of the Rings
Now: Harry Potter and the cursed ring

Then: Lord of the Flies
Now: Battle Royale, the novel

I don't really get the retitled books. They are using nonfiction-style titles, but for fiction books. Why does that make any sense?

Then: Symphony #3, "Eroica" Ludwig van Beethoven conducting the Vienna Symphony Orchestra

1960s: "Little Ludwig and the Heroes"

Now: "L.L. Cool B."

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