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The best foods in the world list is interesting, but I'm suspicious of the many "by fars." I find it hard to believe that any one restaurant could serve, to pick one example, the best hamburger in the world "by far." Surely, second place isn't that far behind?

The next time I'm in NY maybe I'll stop by the Little Owl and try it out. But even if the place serves quite a tasty burger, I bet it won't be that much better than some others I've had.

Re: The internal politics of journal editing

Are there any stories involving Ed Prescott in which he doesn't come across as a net negative to scientific inquiry?

The Borlaug piece doesn't make a lot of sense.

First, it makes a cogent argument that the rapid initial gains in Asian grain production in the 1960s may not have been due to the high-yield dwarf crop varieties developed by Borlaug and his team. Nothing wrong with that. But the fact is that the dwarf varieties of crops developed by Borlaug were huge improvements in agricultural technology. They eventually had a huge impact, worldwide. That is something Borlaug should be admired for.

Then the article veers into a discussion of how his crops caused a Maoist revolution in the Phillipines, civil war and the ascension of an Islamist regime in Pakistan, and the reduction of foreign aid "scope" and "ambition" coming from the US to Asia.

What? Somehow the crops weren't responsible for the large increase in grain production that was attributed to them, but they were important enough to cause revolutions, wars, and rethinking of State Department policy?

Re: The internal politics of journal editing

What is the Journal of Austrian Economics??

I've recently been to Frank Pepe's (the list's best pizza), and while it's certainly different, the white clam pizza was extremely salty. Big meh.

The complexity pix are great. Wish I knew what some of them are.

Regarding restaurants, I have been to four of these. LaDuree in Paris
is fine, although I do not remember having the macaroons specifically.

I do not think Katz's is clearly superior to some of the other delis
in NYC for this, although it certainly beats the rest on authentic
and funky character.

Daiwa Sushi is indeed the best I have ever had anywhere, without a doubt,
not even close. Fall on the floor, tongue hanging out and drooling good.

Chez Panisse is where "California cuisine" reputedly began, but is in my
opinion now overrated and easily beaten by a number of other restaurants,
particularly in the Bay area.

On journal editing.

Gordo raises a point I noticed. There is a Review of Austrian Economics,
a Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, and an Advances in Austrian
Economics, but I have never heard of a Journal of Austrian Economics.

I am both a journal editor and someone at least semi-privy to the
shenanigans that went on in the SEDC (and have pubbed in both the JEDC
and MD). It was interesting to see some further details about all that
with personalities actually named. Of course some of the problems
Barnett has faced involved particularly setting up a journal in the
midst of such a fight involving a split within a society and a tussle
over control and names involving publishers.

I did not found the journal I edit (JEBO), which is also not tied to a
society, so I have not experienced all that nonsense. However, some
of the issues he raises are real and ongoing ones for most journals,
including the matter of who is on the editorial board and relations
with publishers, without dishing any dirt from where I sit (I have
enough problems as it is, and I did not reply to the invitation to
write a paper for that journal). There are also all the usual sorts
of problems involved with people objecting to papers being published
or not being published, and so on.

I will also applaud Barnett's interview series, which is nearly unique
among econ journals and very interesting.

The best burger in the US is in NY? Give me a break. That just shows the judges won't take their limo more than a few miles from the East or West Coast.

On the subject of Pastrami: Langer's Deli in downtown Los Angeles has the world's best. Even the New Yorker (well, Nora Ephron in the New Yorker) says so:

(Ephron's observation that Langer's seems to be "barely hanging on" is certainly outdated.)

By far the best hamburger I have ever had was in Colorado, the worst service at a restaurant too... same place.

So the best hamburger is at some random place in NY almost no one has ever even heard of, but the best Pho is at the Vietnamese equivalent of McDonald's?

Re: The Internal Politics of Journal Editing

Thanks for the comments. The paper is in working paper form and will be revised before publication. Indeed there is no Journal of Austrian Economics. I had meant the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics. I'll correct that.

Regarding my statements about Ed Prescott, I had not wanted them to be interpreted in a negative manner about Ed. They were just observations on the nature of the "real world" politics of economics journal editing. I think I'll change my choice of words in that regard too.

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