Books on duct tape

Duct tape is possibly the most useful single object in the entire
world outside of the wheel and Swiss army knives. Joe Wilson, a modern
design visionary if ever there was one, shows us how to rip, cut and
fold duct tape to make 18 amazing projects, including a wallet, a
barbecue apron, a lunchbox, a tool belt, a cell phone holder, a
baseball cap, rain gear for pets, a toilet roll cover and Halloween

We all need a lunch box constructed from duct tape.
If NASA insists that every Space Shuttle mission carries at least one
roll of duct tape then you need this book to satisfy your creative
urges. Buy Ductigami: The Art of the Tape – make something wonderful and gray.

The link is here and I thank Michelle Dawson for the pointer, which is in turn via this link on weird books.  There you will also find a discussion of Dale Power's controversial Do-it-Yourself Coffins for Pets and People (check out the Amazon reader reviews) and other notable titles.


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