Nova Scotia markets, not in everything

Maple syrup curry, which I have now seen on three restaurant menus in so many days.

Amateur crafts are extremely common, as in New Zealand.  It is a plausible claim that the blueberries here are the world's best.  Natives claim it has Canada's warmest winter.

At Peggy's Cove a ragged Scot-looking woman blew loudly into bagpipes, thereby competing for donor attention with a ragged Scot-looking woman punching an accordion and wailing, all to the detriment of the Coase theorem.

For a while George Washington held out hope that Nova Scotia would join in the rebellion against the British crown.  Later American ships attacked Lunenberg several times, starting in 1782, mostly for reasons of plunder.

In 1790 black Nova Scotians were strongly encouraged to move to what is now Sierra Leone.  There was a second "purge" of black residents in the 1960s, when the neighborhood of Africville was torn down and its residents were encouraged to leave.  Black residents were prominent in the history of Nova Scotia although it seems this is being forgotten.

Overall this is an underrated tourist destination (it is an easy direct flight from Dulles) and I recommend Lesley Choyce's Nova Scotia: Shaped by the Sea.

Don Boudreau is prominently represented in the Halifax museum collection.

They don't do much with it (avoid the cream sauce), but arguably Nova Scotia has the best seafood in all of NAFTA.  No way do they ship the good lobsters out.


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