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Re 3: «We find that a respondent's WTP, her subjective assessment of the probability that she will face a lawsuit, and her degree of morality all have a negative impact on the likelihood that her last song was obtained illegally.» Yeah sure, thanks Captain Obvious.

The correct link for four is:

Non-renewal is a feature.

Over a long career, a nice parking space could be of greater value than the cash prize.

6. Even if the 'couple percent' of GDP were to be extracted, and even if it were spent on research, would it go into more climate models in the national research system to bolster "consensus," or would it go toward actual solutions, the kind of solutions the free market is getting on with like hybrids even as the government is subsidizing oil prices?

The problem is not the tragedy of the commons. The problem is that the consensus crowd's only solution is lower standard of living when the actual solution is obviously technological. Technology got us here, and without it, the only way back is dismantling the systems that provide prosperity. Will we have a better shot at developing the needed technology when we are again pre-industrial, or will we just give up and reindustrialize? And if they think they can undo the industrial revolution with a couple percent of GDP well, they really must believe in miracles. Maybe just the miracle of the free market. Like the bureaucrats in Atlas Shrugged said of the industrialists, "no matter how hard we make it on them, they'll figure something out."

same at UNC - there is a parking spot with a sign proclaiming "Nobel prize winners only". Oliver Smithies says that was the his favorite perk from the award.

Re 6: I thought Ezra Klein's claim that the drunk driving statistics were meaningless was much more damning. If true, it sends the message that Dubner and Levitt are too careless to be worth reading. Of course, something about their approach doesn't suggest carefulness in the first place.

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