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1. 4500-page Thesaurus: "The draft thesaurus was almost destroyed in a fire in 1978, but despite
the building being gutted, a metal filing cabinet protected the files."

2. Markets in everything: who said resources are not mobile in Germany?

3. Hayek opposed deflation; he said the same in MTaTTC too.

4. Donate your organs by iPhone.

5. Why so few DC residents are married.

I'm still looking for an ideal "economics" link on the Catholic-Anglican development.  Do you have one?


I wonder if Sie would bring einen pizza mit her?

Skip Oliva on the Catholic-Anglican development:

on the Catholic-Anglican development:

Re. "economics" link on the Catholic-Anglican development.

There is not much out there but this story has an interesting bit in it: (sorry that isn't a permalink, you have to scroll up.)

The interesting bit is this one:

"But any serving clergyman would face a marked loss of income. A job as a clergyman in the Church of England comes with a stipend of £22,250 and free accommodation. Catholic priests earn about £8,000, paid by their parish and topped up by a diocese where the parish cannot afford even that."

As I said on the Hayek post, this is a good paper on the subject:


Did Hayek and Robbins Deepen the Great Depression?"

Also, I'm working on a lewd and offensive satire now, a la Tom Sharpe, and not a horror novel, so my posts might occasionally seem silly, like the one you deleted. I can't help it. I have to try, try, and be amusing in my novel. I apologize in advance. Go ahead and delete me. Nobody else has a problem with doing that.

Anglicans and Catholics? Looks to me like the break-up of a cartel. Rome thinks it can take chunks of the market off Canterbury because some Amglicans are unhappy about female equality in the church. In response, Canterbury will now cease to be so discreet about accepting Catholic priests who want to marry, and/or support womens' ordenation.

Once real competition starts, its effects can be expected to be unexpected.

Vatican-Anglican connection:

It seems to be story of product differentiation- the Anglican church is giving up its traditions by allowing women clergy and homosexual bishops. In this sense it is becoming more like typical Protestant churches. The Catholic church, meanwhile, seems to be the only church left where very conservative members who value tradition can go.

The Anglicans used to be able to distinguish themselves with 500 years or so of tradition, but that is gone. People who value these traditions only have the Catholic and orthodox churches left.

Touche, Ryan. I was wrong.

The other reason for low marriage rates is that when single you live in DC for access to opposite sex singles, bars, concerts, restaurants, etc. When you get married and start to have kids, you move to either Maryland or Virginia suburbs. Better schools, quieter etc etc.

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