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Now one else sees this as a spike through the head brain dead conceptionof the problem?

"The purpose of a stimulus is to fill the hole left during a recession by the difference between the economy’s potential and what it’s actually producing—what economists call the “output gap."

We've got a heavy set, past middle age woman with a heart on for a tall attractive well spoken young Marxist politician -- and she's the brains in charge of a cental
plan to Keynes and Chicago and pork barrel our way out of a Hayekian artificial boom and inevitable bust with a very, very slight secondary deflation, and non-market clearing price controls on entry level labor.

This ought to go well.

The crime fighting idea should work well until the gangs are made up of economists.

As for the Google Wave invites, I recall the same phenomenon occurring with GMail invites, back when GMail was still invitation-only.

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